Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Jaguar XJ

The new Jaguar XJ was launched yesterday evening in London to much (American) fanfair. After a hyped build-up, the car was finally unveiled in the presence (strangely) of Jay Leno and David Hasselhoff. We can only presume that the US market is as important as ever, especially over the next 8-10 years that this car will probably be in production for.

The vehicle itself is a massive departure from previous generations, which in essence changed little in style terms over 30 years. This car on the other hand does away with the wide, shallow grille, replacing it with the deeper style grille seen on the XF; it has a large glazed area that falls back over what was previously an enormous boot. Its long proportions are not dissimilar to the original Citroen C5 concept or even a


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