Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alfa Romeo Coelus

The Alfa Romeo Coelus is a concept by Slovakian designer Jan Bujnak. The car was created for a final-year thesis project at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD).

The 2008 brief from Alfa Romeo asked SPD students to "Imagine the new Alfa Romeo flagship model". The Coelus was Bujnak's design.

The styling of the Alfa Romeo Coelus is intended to blend many of Alfa Romeo's traditional styling cues. Expressive and muscular style lines are melded with the unmistakable Alfa grille and an uncluttered rear end.

The headlights, which are an evolution of the designs seen on previous Alfa Romeos, are narrow and angular wedges. Running backwards from the nose of the Alfa Romeo Coelus is the main feature line of the car – a shoulder line that flows beneath the cabin glassline and into the powerful haunch over the rear wheel.

Above the shoulder line sits a low and sporting cabin highlighting the coupe feel of the car. Further sporting lines are accentuated by the muscular bonnet. When seen from behind, the Coelus appears wide and powerful.

The colour palette of the Alfa Romeo Coelus is deliberately monochromatic, mixing a one-off exterior paint – metashine silver – with sections of trim in either chrome or aluminium finishes.


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