Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aston Martin DB-ONE

The Aston Martin DB-ONE concept is the product of independent designer Ruben Vela, based in Spain.

The DB-ONE concept is a proposal for an extreme Aston Martin, with classical proportions combined with ultramodern surfaces resulting in a fresh vehicle which also represents the traditions associated with Aston Martin.

In designing the Aston Martin DB-ONE Vela took the elements essential to Aston Martin, large front grille, long bonnet and side vents and created a car with an immense sense of movement, based around the idea of tension - beginning with the grille and moving back towards the rear of the car.

The body surfaces of the DB-ONE highlight all the power emanating from the proposed 550 horsepower, 6.0 litre, V12 engine even when static. "Cars aren't static objects, so I belive it's important to show dynamism in the design. And this is much more important when you are designing a super-sports car," says Vela.

The rear of the Aston Martin DB-ONE concept is extremely clean due to the small gap in the tail which hides the taillights and a rear diffuser provides a neat finish to the design.

Although the Aston Martin DB-ONE is an independent design created outside the company and exists only on a computer and as a scale model, Aston Martin's new owners, Prodrive, could certainly take note of a few styling ideas introduced by Vela on the DB-ONE concept.


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